Chiropractic Testimonials

"I feel so lucky to have met Dr. Hajo. For over a decade I endured a constant neck pain and a sensation of pain and tingling in my right arm and hand. Within two months of treatment, my pain has significantly decreased…I’m simply amazed by the results. Before treating at Dr. Hajo’s clinic, I truly believed that I would never be able to work in my garden or play piano pain-free ever again.”

~ Mrs. V. A. K.

"God gifted you the power to heal and gave you a huge heart that is full of love and compassion. Thank you for sharing the gift with our family and transforming our lives. We are forever grateful."

~ Evelyn and Nicholas M.

"When I came into Dr. Hajo’s office for the first time I was ridden with back and shoulder pain, which was very much interfering with my quality of life. I was unable to play golf, one of my favorite past times and social activities and even work had become unbearable. After just a handful of visits my pain range dropped from about 8 out of 10 to 0 and I felt GREAT. Beyond the physical improvements I have benefited from, my overall emotional elevation from my visits to the office was priceless. Dr. Hajo’s positive aura and attitude aided my healing proves just as much as the chiropractic care I received. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Hajo and his awesome staff for all they have done for me."

~ Dan M.

"You guys are seriously awesome because you always go out of your way to make a positive difference for you patients. Your office is like a sanctuary and the patient experience you create is first class. It’s like coming home."

~ Jan B.

"I must say that I was dragged into your clinic and, honestly, I did not expect much since I have seen many doctors and tried every recommended therapy for my back. Your skills and your staff are outstanding and my wife and children thank you for giving us our lives back. I can’t thank you enough. You are a healer and I am sure you made as much difference in your other patients’ lives as you did in ours."

~ John F.W.

"We never had a doctor take so much time to explain to us our condition and educate us on health. We feel 100% better than we when we first came in. We actually look forward to seeing you guys because you are the best doctors’ office and that is the truth. We tell everyone to come to you for any health condition.

~ Ben and Cecilia R.

"Great skills, big hearts and funny people. What a crew!"

~ Zak A.

"After 20 years of dealing with countless professionals for my neck and back pain, I can honestly say I finally found a doctor that listens and understands, sincerely cares and knows what to do because I have no pain most of the time. I had lost hope and never thought I can live without the pain. You guys are the best. You restored my hope and I enjoy life because of you. God bless you and thank you."

~ Nadia C.

"Thank you Dr. Hajo for taking care of our family over the years. You made such a wonderful impact in our lives. You inspired us to get and stay well and turned us all into health nuts. Both Dave and Diane want to go to Chiropractic school and take you up on your promise that they will work with you upon graduation so watch out."

~ Dr. and Mrs. Rosario

"We are so grateful that I am lost for words to thank you all. Your office is outstanding in every aspect and your staff is absolutely amazing. Hold on to them and take excellent care of them."

~ John B.

"The best Doctors ever. I tell everyone to come to you first for any medical condition."

~ Denise W.

"I have suffered with foot pain and back pain for many years and have treated with orthopedist, chiropractors, rheumatologists, podiatrists and physical therapists without any significant improvement. I received more improvement from Dr. Hajo and Dr. Mennella than I did from all of the doctors I previously treated with. It is so convenient to have all the different disciplines under one roof.

It is one stop shop and it is absolutely the best. Dr. Mennella’s food adjustments and massages are amazing and your staff is number one."

~ Carmen S.

"Simply the best and coolest doctor ever."

~ John S.

"Jen and I love to come to your office because of the abundant healing energy. We feel better with every single visit. All doctors should be so caring and honest. Your compassion is helplessly contagious. We are the biggest fans of you guys.

~ Charles E. and Jenny K.

"Everybody at work and anyone I referred to your office is very happy and is a different person because of you guys. Thank you so very much Dr. Hajo and staff for touching so many lives, including ours."

~ Maxine C.

"You are AWESOME! You crack me up."

~ Jose C.

"My father could not walk in when he came in. It is not short of a miracle that he is walking without any pain.

I asked my mom to take it easy on the pastries because I see you guys added on some weight. Seriously, we cannot thank you enough."

~ Mo. A.



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